Study the behaviour of technical communities by tracking their movement through wearables

This project has the goal to study the behavior of technical communities by tracking their movement through a wearable device and a number of readers. For organizations that are dealing with complex technical challenges it is extremely important that the technical population interacts and collaborates in order to exchange ideas and solutions . This sharing and collaboration intensifies and improves the quality and the quantity of innovation. A particular setup at the workplace will influence the way people move, gather and interact. Studying these movements, how they are influenced by changes in the physical environment and subsequently how it correlates to productivity and creativity gives a tremendous insight on how to foster innovation.
The project will implement the tracking hardware and software and it will gather population movement information as well as population behavior. Other metrics will be establish to understand how changes affect innovation and productivity. The collected data and interpretations results will be shared with the backers.
I have this project posted in Kickstarter at

About hbouzas

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Studied Physics at the University of Buenos Aires. Joined Schlumberger in February 1985 in Houston, Texas, and worked in several technical and managerial positions until 2000. From 2000 until 2008 held several management positions in Abingdon, UK; Calgary, Alberta and London, UK. Worked in the areas of Geophysical Exploration, Geological Modeling, Structural Modeling, Reservoir Modeling and Petroleum Economics and holds several patents. He is currently the Norway Technology Center Manager for Schlumberger Information Solutions and is based in Oslo and Stavanger. Main interest are software, technology, innovation, 3D visualization, design, human computer interaction, energy, environment.
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