ESP8266 Breadboard Adapter with Reset and Flash jumper (8266BBA01) available on Tindie and eBay

The 8266BBA01 ESP8266 Breadboard Adaptor makes it easy to connect the ESP8266 to a breadboard or standalone for programming and testing. An 8 pin 0.1 inch pitch terminal is available in the bottom to directly connect to a breadboard.

An 8 pos screw terminal is available to get access to all the ESP8266 pins without soldering. A 2×4 socket makes it really easy to switch ESP8266 modules for quick testing and programming. (ESP8266 not included)

Order it on Tindie or eBay

Esp8266_Breadboard_v01_01 Esp8266_Breadboard_v01_02 Esp8266_Breadboard_v01_03 Esp8266_Breadboard_v01_04 Esp8266_Breadboard_v01_05 Esp8266_Breadboard_v07_01 Esp8266_Breadboard_v01_06 copy

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