Ham radio satellite and moon azimuth and altitude web service

I’m working on a project to implement a self contained ham radio rotator. It basically will take a command from a mobile device and position itself to point to the satellite selected and follow it while its visible. This also applies for the moon. The objective is to have a self operated wireless rotator control based on object position.

The core of the processor and WiFi will be the ESP8266 or ESP32, not sure yet.

I am working on the mechanical design and currently have a working prototype. I will post about this project later.

As part of the tools required, I needed a simple web service that returned the satellite azimuth and elevation, a service that could be called from a WiFi controller that has not a lot of resources. Just get the azimuth and elevation of the satellite based on home coordinates and desired object.

I have the service working, if anybody wants to try it, let me know as it needs an access token. Is still work in progress.

The format of the service is:


token: access token
name: satellite or moon
lat: observer’s latitude
lon: observer’s longitude
ele: observer’s elevation in meters

the service returns a JSON string:

{‘azi’: 201:07:35.3, ‘alt’: 26:08:25.5, ‘name’: ‘ukube’}

azi: azimuth of the satellite in degrees
alt: altitude of the satellite in degrees
name: name of the satellite

To get a list of the objects support just issue :


Contact me if interested in testing the service, adding satellites or just giving me feedback.

About hbouzas

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Studied Physics at the University of Buenos Aires. Joined Schlumberger in February 1985 in Houston, Texas, and worked in several technical and managerial positions until 2000. From 2000 until 2008 held several management positions in Abingdon, UK; Calgary, Alberta and London, UK. Worked in the areas of Geophysical Exploration, Geological Modeling, Structural Modeling, Reservoir Modeling and Petroleum Economics and holds several patents. He is currently the Norway Technology Center Manager for Schlumberger Information Solutions and is based in Oslo and Stavanger. Main interest are software, technology, innovation, 3D visualization, design, human computer interaction, energy, environment.
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