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Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Studied Physics at the University of Buenos Aires. Joined Schlumberger in February 1985 in Houston, Texas, and worked in several technical and managerial positions until 2000. From 2000 until 2008 held several management positions in Abingdon, UK; Calgary, Alberta and London, UK. Worked in the areas of Geophysical Exploration, Geological Modeling, Structural Modeling, Reservoir Modeling and Petroleum Economics and holds several patents. He is currently the Norway Technology Center Manager for Schlumberger Information Solutions and is based in Oslo and Stavanger. Main interest are software, technology, innovation, 3D visualization, design, human computer interaction, energy, environment.

PCB solder paste dispensing and pick and place component population workflow for prototyping.,

Combining Voltera V-One and Neoden TM220A

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Here is an example of integration of one of our 4 input analog and 4 input digital module with and The live data can be seen at

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16 analog inputs and 2 digital inputs WiFi module based on ESP8266

I just finished testing the first prototype of the 16 analog input and 2 digital input WIFI module. The data is encoded in JSON: {“macAddress”:”5c:cf:7f:87:58:0c”,”channelvalues”:[{“value”:123,”channel”:0},{“value”:234,”channel”:1},{“value”:486,”channel”:2},{“value”:328,”channel”:3},{“value”:214,”channel”:4},{“value”:845,”channel”:5},{“value”:967,”channel”:6},{“value”:253,”channel”:7},{“value”:665,”slotid”:8},{“value”:147″channel”:9},{“value”:166″channel”:10},{“value”:234,”channel”:11},{“value”:604,”channel”:12},{“value”:654,”channel”:13},{“value”:342,”channel”:14},{“value”:732,”channel”:15}],”channels”:16,”IP”:”″} HTTP/1.1 The module sends the data regularly at ‘heartbeat’ intervals and it is configurable (SSID, … Continue reading

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ESP8266 ESP12E based 4 analog 4 digital input board

Here is an example of a module that takes 4 analog inputs and 4 digital inputs, encodes the data in JSON and streams it to a server via TCP  with REST compatibility. In this specific example the module is taking … Continue reading

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GPS WiFi Sensor

I had a request from a customer to add GPS capabilities to a reed sensor so the deployment of the sensors can be tracked on a map. It is pretty straight forward to integrate a GPS module like the U-Blox … Continue reading

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WiFi Distance Sensor with configurable heartbeat and WiFi connection

WiFi Distance Sensor I have tinkered with mostly every sensor I got a hold of and now I found a pretty cheap distance sensor. I decided to integrate it with the ESP8266 and get some  distance measurements via WiFi. The … Continue reading

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4×1 WiFi Wireless Antenna Switch for Amateur Radio

Buy one at Tindie I started playing with electronics back when I was 10 years old in Argentina, where I grew up. Then I got my ham radio operator license when I was 16 years old and I was very … Continue reading

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